Saturday, May 28, 2011

Was this Angelina`s Sexy shop assistant Imogen Thomas look alike

"Angelina", I shouted, " Come here quickly, I have found your little shop assistant Imogen Thomas look a like on You Tube..!!!!"

She sashayed into my view wearing only her skimpy little turquoise lurex thong. Nipples jolie and stiff, she knew exactly what went through my mind when I saw her in it, and she called it with good reason "Her dimmer switch"
Sidling up to me and running her hand through my hair, " I heard her gasp, " Gosh she is even sexier than I imagined, and she does glamour modelling as well...Gosh...!!!".

"No silly ..!!" I teased, " Thats the real Imogen Thomas, are you telling me that this little shop girl looks this stunningly sexy??"
Before I heard her answer "Mmmmmmmmm Yes", I felt the soft rub of her lurex covered pussy against my bare shoulder, and then once more a firm nudge and rub as she pulled me gently back by the hair pushing the back of my head onto the pillow.
Before I knew it she had straddled herself over my head. Staring down into my eyes sexily as she pushed her pussy down over my mouth and nose she gasped in that damned husky voice of hers, "Time to give the dimmer switch its daily shine darling, and dont miss a bit"
She leant forward gripping the headboard and started grinding down on and gliding over my mouth and rubbing down on my nose, her thong pulled aside with her hand exposing her soaking wet pussy over my face. As she snuggled it down on to my waiting tongue, the last thing I heard her say or gasp was " I think we are all going to have a lot of fun tonight.....ooooooh....!!! thats good yes there, there" as she pulled my head up with her hands towards her greedy pussy.

"God we still have shop and hoover for tonight", I thought for a moment as I eagerly lapped at her beautiful swollen clit and pussy lips........isn`t it funny some of the things you think at times like these...But it was only momentary, my concentration on the dimmer switch took over and the light started fading as she rode harder and harder down on my face. I could feel myself starting to cum and she had not laid one finger on or in me.


Friday, May 27, 2011

Angelina came home all excited

"Darling I have just me an angel, and she is the double of Imogen Thomas in every way...and I mean every way, I swear..!!!!

Well I was truely amazed, "What...!!!! you mean this Imogen Thomas...???", I asked her as I showed the magazine spread I had just been looking at, " She looks a bit mousie ....... Where did you meet her Angelina..???"

"Well in our local supermarket the check out...I had just nipped in to buy some tampons......and she was on the check out.....and you know the usual girlie chitchat takes takes place and she proceeds to tell me that she is to small or tight to get them in so has to use the you know whats..the single mattresses....!!!!..and well she sounded so innocent, honestly I couldn`t help my self...!!!!"

"Oh god Angelina, what have you gone and done now..surely not groping her at the check out..!!!!"...I grinned in reply.

With her coy little look.....she pouted..."Well no, I merely told her that you could show her some exercises that would help her dispense with those terrible old fashioned things, and well I have invited her up for dinner and a few drinks after she finishes work on Friday evening...she is off for the whole weekend....!!!!!! I suggested plenty of time to practise......the eh...exercises."....She grinned like a cheshire cat....!!!


Angelina and I had just come out of the shower

"Dress me darling".. she pouted.

I pushed her backwards onto our big fluffy bed and slipped her white satin lace panties over her ankles. Her hips raised pleasingly and wantingly as I pulled them up ..oh so wantingly as I slid up the bed towards her...............
"Oh you are so wet" she exclaimed, as she slid her fingers easily into my pussy.....and with a grin exclaimed...."Well what is a girl to do ..????"

"Oh well back to bed again"..I smirked to myself, "thats our third attempt at getting out grocery shopping today......What a wonderful way to diet..pussy really is Low-Cal...!!!!!!"